If couples are making New Year’s resolutions, so, too, are single women everywhere. This list is for all those nights you spent marathoning Sex and the City, How I Met Your Mother, and Grey’s Anatomy, all those hours glued to Tinder, Facebook, and Viber, and all those moments listening to Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lana Del Ray, wondering why you’re still sleeping alone.

1. Appreciate you for you.


You’re smart, beautiful, and fun to be with—don’t discount these qualities just because you haven’t snagged yourself a boyfriend yet (or because your ex seems to think otherwise). Stop concentrating on your flaws, and focus on your best assets. Be more self-confident—that’s always attractive.

2. Ditch the pity party.
Gorging yourself on ice cream and other fatty foods after realizing that he’s just not that into you is so last year. Stop wasting your time and move on to greener pastures.

3. Go after what you want.

If you spent most of 2014 waiting for guys to approach you, why not try the opposite this time around? If you see someone you like, make the first move. You don’t have to be so bold as to ask him out (unless you want to), but you can at least try to initiate a conversation.

4. But be selective.
It’s okay to be open-minded—after all, you can’t judge a man by his beard—but if you think that you should adjust your standards just because you’re sick and tired of staying home every Friday night, you’ve been reading the wrong articles. You owe it to yourself to go out with men whom you really like and not just those who happen to ask you out.

5. Go out more.

Not just on dates, but with friends and family. You don’t have to be with a guy to enjoy that newest pizza chain from the US or with a potential boyfriend just to watch that latest rom-com.

6. Stop sending mixed signals.
You’re not some teenager with a first crush anymore—you’re a grown woman who’s confident enough not to mask her feelings with confusing non-verbal cues.

7. Embrace the single life.

There are many perks to going solo. In fact, we listed down 10 reasons here!

PHOTO: Tumblr; GIFS: giphy.com

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