Moving on is not easy, but it can be done. Start by ditching these seven habits that are probably preventing you from mending that broken heart.

Checking his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
It’s late at night, but you’re still on your phone scrolling through his news feed and checking out if he has a new girl or "friend."

Stalking his new girlfriend

After a thorough investigation, you find out that he does have a new lady friend and now, you’re curious about her. You keep scrolling until you find yourself looking through her photos from 2010.

Texting and calling him

Science says it’s normal to want to send your ex sweet good morning messages even after you've gone your separate ways—it’s called extinction burst—but if he doesn’t answer, stop. Keep your dignity (and sanity) intact.

Re-reading your past messages
Whether it's a series of texts, Viber messages, or a Facebook chat thread, stop scrolling through them. Reminiscing about how you used to be as a couple won’t do you any good and would probably only leave you crying at night.

Looking at your old photos

If you have tons of photos together–whether they’re printed or on your phonedelete them or throw them away. If you don’t have the heart to destroy them, ask your friend to do it. You need a clean break.

Asking his friends about him
You’ve known his buddies ever since you two got together and you may even still be friends with some of them, but when you two break up, don’t text or call them just to ask about their friend (i.e. your ex).

Staying in touch with his family
There’s nothing wrong with seeing them if your intentions are pure, but if you keep meeting up with them just to gather information about their son or brother, then it would be better to keep your distance for now as you try to move on.


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