Trying to fit into a new family can be one the most challenging parts of a marriage or any relationship–you have to deal with your man’s titos, titas, siblings, and of course, parents. Here are six ways you can keep the peace once you join your extended family.

Show them kindness.
No matter what happens, always show compassion toward them–after all, they are your boyfriend or husband’s parents. Remain polite, honest, and true to yourself even if they're less than pleasant to you. Be civil during family gatherings and always remember to treat your in-laws with respect.

Keep your cool.

It’s only normal to feel annoyed when your in-laws make snarky comments about how you raise your kids or how you manage the household. If you hear unsolicited advice from them, try to keep your temper in check and just smile. Don’t take offense too easily.

Establish a relationship with them.
This seems like a difficult feat, but it’s actually possible. Ask your partner what his parents are fond of doing or talking about. That way, you can find common ground and develop a bond with them.

Set boundaries.
There’s nothing wrong when your in-laws want to spend time with your children–that’s called grandparent privilege. But learn where to draw the line–they don't get to decide where your kids should go to school or how you raise them. If they just want to help, sit down with them and discuss each other’s boundaries to avoid issues in the long run.

Make sure you communicate.

If you felt hurt by a snide remark from your mother-in-law during a family event, don’t keep it bottled up inside you. Talk to her in private and tell her about your feelings, so that hopefully, she doesn’t do it again.

Avoid pointless bickering.
It can be about religion, politics, or sportseither way, steer clear of issues that have anything to do with a person’s values or beliefs. Do you really think you can change their point-of-view? Our tip: Learn to respect each other’s differences while enjoying your common interests.

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