Women who were born from October 24 to November 21 are said to fall under the sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto and considered one of the most powerful and mysterious signs of the Zodiac. Intense sometimes to a fault, Scorpio women are often misunderstood as being hot-headed or angry for no reason, but these are far from the truth: In fact, they are very calculating, and any outburst is usually triggered by an outside force, rarely coming inexplicably from within.

If you’re a man who’s planning to date or may already be even dating a Scorpio woman, then be prepared to have the most exciting and perplexing ride of your life.

1. You’ll always get a truthful, unfiltered answer.
Are you sensitive or easily offended? Then better be wary of the Scorpio woman’s tongue. Ask her opinion on anything – from politics to your looks – and you’ll get nothing but the truth. The upside is that she’ll never lie to you just to save your feelings because she respects you enough to take things as they really are.

2. Scorpio women can seduce without even trying.
Maybe it’s the intensity of her stare or the mysterious aura she unconsciously exudes, but a Scorpio woman’s unabashed sexuality always garners second looks even if she’s wearing her oldest pair of jeans. If you wish to compliment her magnetism, do so, but only if you’re sincere about it – she can sense lies and hidden agendas from miles away.

3. Gaining her respect takes time, but it is definitely worth it.
Whether she realizes it or not, a Scorpio woman demands strength and ambition in her mate. She doesn’t hold any respect for those who don’t even try improve themselves, or those who are all hot air with no mettle to back it up. She appreciates effort and respects tenacity but never laziness and cowardice.

4. She doesn’t get angry unless provoked.
Remember the saying, “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned?” It’s probably talking about a Scorpio woman. She can be very patient, but in the face of lies and injustice, she tends to explode. When she truly falls in love with you, she can be cruel in her anger with you in private, but will fight for you tooth and nail in public. She can never stand anyone hurting those she loves, and pity to those who even try.

5. Loyalty is her ultimate gift.
Once you capture the heart of a Scorpio woman, it’ll be yours for eternity – unless of course, you do something irreversible to damage your relationship. In such cases, she can turn cold and even conveniently forget your name. But if you return her loyalty, you’ll have her unending devotion through thick or thin.

6. She’ll rise above anything and everything.
When hurt, a Scorpio woman can retreat from the world. However, she will never allow herself to wallow in pain for too long: Her personality can at worst zero in on revenge, but at best push her to move past tragedies more powerful than before. As writer Linda Goodman notes in her book Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, “Pluto’s symbol is the triumphant phoenix rising from its own moldering ashes, and Scorpio personifies resurrection from the grave.” No one can ever douse that fire in her, and that’s what makes her beautiful.

Source: Linda Goodman, Linda Gooman's Sun Signs (Bantam Books, 14th Printing Edition, 1972)

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