Traveling with a toddler can be a handful, especially when the little tot throws an unexpected full-blown tantrum. Still, your little prince or princess' first trip is not one to be missed or passed off to your mother or helper. To help ensure smooth departures and arrivals, here are a few tips that should help you, your family, and everyone else you're traveling with survive the long trip by land, sea, or air.

Travel during off-peak seasons.
When you travel during off-peak seasons, there will likely be fewer people traveling with you or staying at the resort or hotel you and your family will call home for the next few days. This lowers the risk of overwhelming your child with too many new things, and allows him or her to be comfortable exploring his new surroundings.

Adjust your toddler’s nap schedule.
It’s best to know your toddler’s sleep pattern–some kids will sleep if they've skipped their naps; others will remain awake (and cranky) when they're tired–so you can anticipate his or her mood and be on the lookout for the beginnings of a tantrum..

Make sure to have pit stops every two hours.
If you’re going on a road trip, it’s best to make stops at safe and well-populated areas to give you time to stretch (if you’re driving), eat, and go on a bathroom break. 

Dress your child comfortably.
One way to keep your tot from fidgeting and getting cranky is to dress him or her up in clothes that aren't constricting. When a child feels uneasy, he or she is more likely to cry and throw a tantrum.

Bring enough diapers for the duration of the whole trip.

Kids at this age usually communicate through crying–they cry when they’re hungry, scared, or uncomfortable. Make sure you have enough diapers to last the whole trip so you won’t have any problems trying to look for nappies, while your 40,000 feet above sea level.

Arrive at your airport gate earlier.
This way, you'll be prepared for any emergencies. You can also check your stroller in along with your luggage early.

PHOTO: Donnie Ray Jones/Flickr Creative Commons; GIFS: Giphy

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