Have you ever wondered what really goes on in his mind when you're together? Although most men seem reluctant to express their feelings vocally, we found a few brave enough to tell us what they want to hear from the women in their lives. Hear them out below.

1. Compliments. Lots of compliments.
"I want her to pay attention to the way I look–especially when it comes to my shoes. I also want to hear her compliment me on my basketball skills and of course, my performance in bed." –Jake, 31

"Basically, kung ano ang gusto niyong mga babae na marinig din sa aming mga lalake. Things like how much you love and need us. I believe men are more insecure than women, kaya we need to be assured more often. Bottom line I guess is flattery." –Edwin, 59 (married to the same woman for 40 years)

2. The sweet little things
"I love you." –Allan, 41 (married for nine years)

"It feels good to hear her say those three words–it means a lot." –John, 27

"Pag sinabi nilang 'I miss you' kahit na kakahatid mo lang sa kanya pauwi." –Alvince, 25

3. A little appreciation
"I'm sure every guy is different but I like to hear that I'm loved, that my wife is having an adventure in life and that I'm being a good husband." –David, 36

"It depends, actually. For me it’s being appreciated [for] the little things that I do for her." –Cyril, 30

4. Words of encouragement
"You can do it. I believe in you." –Kaiser, 25

"I want her to tell me that she’ll be there for me no matter what, and that we’ll figure things out together." –Martin, 26

5. Proof that they're prioritized
"It'll be how God loves us both, how she loves me, and how she's looking forward to our future family." –Cervin, 22

6. A sense of trust
"I want her to tell me that I’m reliable and that she can lean on me in times of trouble. It gives men a sense of importance." –Stephen, 37


PHOTO: Dylandsara.com/Pinterest.com

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