Here’s the truth: Having a child is not always on top of a woman’s "life goal" list. There are really many reasons—all of them valid and not always easy to understand why other women think having a baby doesn’t really require much fuss nor planning.
The exact moment when someone transforms from having a no-to-babies-yet mentality to someone who’s ready to become a mother, however, varies from person to person, but here are several signs when I knew I was ready to have a baby (and no, it wasn’t peer pressure nor my ticking biological clock). Here's hoping it'll help you recognize the same signs in yourself, too!

1. You start thinking that your nieces and nephews are one of the best things in your life.
And you volunteer to babysit them every chance you get.

2. The baby clothes you see in stores start looking really cute.
And you want to buy them already, just in case.
Cute little shirts at 50 percent off? Sneakers that look good on boys as much as girls? I wanted to snap them up and stash them in my closet, just in case.

3. You've crossed out at least half of the places in your travel bucket list and all you could think of is sharing the rest of your list with your future mini-me.
Amusement parks would be so much fun with a little boy (or girl!) in tow.

4. You start picking out baby names in your head and seriously consider a shortlist.
And you don’t share the names with your friends lest they name their kids the same name!

5. You realize the life you want five years from now includes a child.
Don’t let age nor social and family pressures make you decide—parenthood is something you should want. Seriously.

6. You are ready to make space in your life for major changes and you're okay with it.
It’s not going to be easy but you’re finally ready to give parenthood a shot. Plus, you’re perfectly okay with giving up hours of sleep and night-outs if it means someone will want to snuggle and kiss you and call you "Mom."


SCREENCAP: Life As We Know It/Warner Bros. (2010)

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