Earning your man's trust takes time, and the first step in reaching a certain level of intimacy with him is when he starts to act comfortably with you. Do you and your partner have that kind of relationship? Here are six signs he’s not afraid to let loose in your presence.

He has cried in front of you.
Most men prefer not to show any kind emotion they deem week–some of them feel like it ruins their macho image. But if he's comfortable with you, he won't be afraid to show you his vulnerable side, and that he’s only human, too.

He compliments you sincerely.
It could be about your work ethic, the way you carry yourself, or how you are with others. He doesn’t just focus on the physical either and he doesn't feed you generic one-liners such as "You’re beautiful" or "You look hot."

He teases you.

…but is respectful enough not to say anything below the belt. He knows how to have a good laugh with you and isn’t afraid to let his inhibitions go.

He’s honest about his past.
He talks about his ex-girlfriends and is truthful with the details. He has nothing to hide from you because he knows that when he’s with you, there is no room for judgment.

He opens up to you.

Men don’t usually open up to just anyone. When a guy sits down with you to share his struggles, it could be because he’s comfortable around you and trusts you with his concerns.

He can be himself around you.
When you’re out for date night, he's himself. He's not too conscious, or at least, he knows you won’t be turned off.


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