Looks like decoding what men want is easier than we thought. In a study featured on Redbook, researchers found that men find fertile-looking women attractive. Yes, subconsciously, men think you're hot if you look like you can make babies. But what does that really mean?
Below are the six key features that men are reportedly attracted to the most.

Wide Waist to Hips Ratio 
According to the study, men can't help but gravitate toward women with 7:10 bodies. This means tiny waists, big booties, and child-bearing hips.

A High Voice
Women with high-pitched voices were perceived to have small, feminine bodies, which men reportedly go gaga for.

Healthy Hair
The study also says that men get tantalized by shiny, full, and long locks.

A Pretty Smile
Flashing those pearly whites makes guys go crazy. It's also logical—everyone enjoys the company of happy people.

Less Makeup
You don't need to layer tons of makeup because men absolutely dig au naturel beauty.

Wearing Red

Red has always been connected to lust and sex appeal, and scientists have proven that the hue increases attraction. Before you go out this weekend, think about putting on that red dress or swiping on a bullet of red lipstick instead.

While science says these characteristics make women more desirable, nothing's more attractive than a woman who knows she's beautiful no matter what her body ratio is. Confidence is key. No ifs and buts.

Do you believe the results of the study? Sound off in the comments below!

PHOTO: Instagram @Madi Ross

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