There's a thin line between easy flirting and coming on too strong. While some women have no problems making the first move, there are other simpler and subtler ways to get his attention. Here's how!

Carry yourself with confidence.
Be the woman that commands attention as soon as she enters the room. Stand tall, walk with purpose, and don't forget to maintain eye contact. Not feeling very confident? Don't worry. As long as you don't say anything, he'll never know.

Keep him wanting more.
So your first date with your cute officemate went really well, and you can hardly wait for the next one. Instead of texting him about a second date, however, let him make the first move.

Make eye contact.

They say that "eyes are the windows to your soul," and holding another person's gaze sends a powerful message that you are interested in him.

Compliment him.
A man loves compliments just as much as you do, but remember to flatter him with true words and not just false admiration. According to the guys from Men’s Health, eight percent say they like to hear about physical qualities, but 66 percent want you to pinpoint an intangible quality, something they uniquely possess.

Smile whenever he looks at you.
Whether that’s in a bar or at the office, a smile lets him know you acknowledge and welcome his gaze. Smiling is a non-verbal way to communicate that you’re friendly and confident enough to flash your pearly whites.

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