So your guy has proposed, you said yes, and the two of you are now navigating the murky waters of marriage legalities. We have to admit, it sounds a bit tedious, given that you have to worry abour marriage suppliers, the logistics of the wedding, your gown, and hundreds of other things. Still, it would be great if you got your bases covered. After all, it's a legal act that's established in the laws and which require the compliance of certain conditions and formalities.

The current law on marriage is contained in the Family Code of the Philippines. According to the Family Code, the following requisites have to be complied with in order that a marriage will be recognized as valid and legal:

A. Essential requisites
1. The parties, a male and female, must have the legal capacity to marry each other. This means that both must be at least 18 years old and there are no impediments to marry each other.
2. The consent of the parties must be freely given before a solemnizing officer.

B. Formal requisites
3. The solemnizing officer must have the authority to perform the marriage ceremony.
4. There must be a valid marriage license.
5. There must be a marriage ceremony wherein the parties will appear before the solemnizing officer and declare, in the presence of at least two witnesses of legal age, that they take each other as husband and wife.

What else do you need to know about the legalities of marriage? Scroll down below for answers!

(All screencaps from Mama Mia courtesy of Universal Pictures)

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