Finding someone you like can be a problem, having someone "unlike" you is another. What do you do when you’ve dated someone you don’t actually want to hang out with again?

1. Avoid hanging out in the same circles.

"Out of sight, out of mind," as the saying goes. With any relationship, the lack of face-to-face time can weaken feelings of longing or attachment. And in this case, you would want it to be intentional. Try to steer clear of where you might most likely bump into him.

2. Use work and other errands as an excuse.
Has he been persistently asking you out? Via text? Creeping to your desk at random times of the day? Saying you’re busy over and over again should eventually drive the message home that you’re just too busy (to go out with him).

3. Let him know you’re dating other guys.

You’ve been warned: This method can go both ways—it can challenge him all the more to pursue you or outright discourage him. With the latter, knowing that he has plenty of competition can spark insecurity, making him back off. Give him the ol’ "Oh, sorry, I have a date that night" line and it might just ring the right alarm bells.

4. Ask to bring along a friend or two when you go out.

There’s nothing more painful than being "friendzoned." By doing this, you still agree to spending time with him but in the company of your friends, which translates to a platonic arrangement.

5. Take forever to reply to his texts.
There’s much to be discovered from the length of time it takes for someone to reply to your text messages. Take several hours before sending a short reply. It might annoy him, but it’s one indirect way of showing your lack of excitement with texting him.

Every guy is different, and there’s no single formula to letting him know that you’re just not that into him. But the less opportunity he has to start another conversation with you, to spend time with you might just do the trick. Good luck!


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