When you turn on your TV to watch teleseryes or Asian dramas at night, do your children watch with you? While watching such shows is not necessarily a bad thing, young children need guidance, especially if some concepts are hard for them to understand. They might even go as far as copying what their favorite actors do on TV, which is why it is up to the parents to explain why most actions seen on TV should not be done in real life.

A report on television violence and its effects on children
on the Media Awareness Network relates how toddlers’ viewing habits stick with them for the rest of their lives. Young children also cannot place actions in context (meaning, for example, that they won’t understand violence is wrong), the report says, so it’s important to guide them as they grow older.

While some shows are kid-friendly and educational, not all soap operas tackle the same concepts. So take the time to screen teleseryes for your children so that you will know which ones contain adult themes.

What wrong messages could teleseryes be teaching your children? Read on for five common scenarios.

(Originally published as "Dawn Zulueta’s kids aren’t allowed to watch her teleserye + 5 Bad Messages Soap Operas Could Be Teaching Your Kids" on Female Network)

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