You love your man just as he is, but admit it: There are still some things that you’d want to change about him. In fact, some of his quirks become even more, well, annoying, especially during the holiday season. Whether it’s his poor gift-giving skills, his tendency to outdrink everyone at parties, or his unexplainable mood swings every Christmas, we give you tips on how to manage them. Read on to learn more.

1. He’s a bad gifter.

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You don’t want to sound ungrateful, but if your man keeps giving you the worst gifts, perhaps it’s time you be a little proactive with what you want this year. Start dropping more hints, leave your Pinterest board out for him to see, and be more vocal about the things that you find pretty.

2. He drinks too much.


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It’s not exactly a drinking problem, but if you’re worried that it might escalate into one, talk to him about it. However, don’t use the words alcoholic and denial, says The Huffington Post. In fact, don’t even talk about him quitting the bottle for good. Instead, concentrate on pointing out the physical, behavioral, and psychological side effects of his drinking and help him connect the dots from there.

3. He’s a scrooge.

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So he hates all things Christmas—no biggie. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the festivities anyway. Have your usual movie date, but go get a Christmas drink at your favorite coffee shop afterward. Give him a year-ender gift, but don’t label it as a Christmas present. Go on any one of these dates and just act like it’s a completely normal date. When he sees how much you enjoy the holiday, you can

4. He keeps eating the putok-batok.


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So he uses the holidays as an excuse to indulge—who doesn’t? But if his eating habits are potentially setting him up for a trip to the emergency room, you need to take action. Prepare a healthy menu for the holidays. Add a little bit of the good stuff if you must, but don’t eat anything that he can’t eat, so he won’t feel too bad about it.

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