You may no longer be a part of his life, but he’s very clearly part of yours. Here, three reasons why you still can’t let him go.

1. He is your comfort zone.

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You can’t imagine living without him because he has become a constant in your life. When he suddenly disappears from your daily routine, you feel lost and confused because there’s a big chunk missing and you don’t know what to do about it. You try to fill the void with distractions, yet still, you cannot deny his painful absence. You miss him terribly. You crave his company and the security of having him around. You feel like you can’t breathe without him.

2. You care too much.

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It is your natural instinct. Even when he hurts you over and over again, you can’t stop caring about him. You can pretend to, but you know you’re just kidding yourself. Regardless of how much pain you’re in, you still take into account his well-being. So when he calls you at 2:00 a.m. saying he misses and needs you, you believe him. You make yourself vulnerable to him again and allow him back into your life despite knowing he is probably going to let you down. That’s how much you care.

3. You are worried he is going to meet someone else and forget about you.

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Your biggest fear is that he will find another girl that he is willing to change his ways for. He’ll learn from his mistakes with you and will try to be a better man, but you won’t be the one on the receiving end of it. He will move on and grow up, and someone else will benefit from it. That thought kills you because he should have realized that with you. Why couldn’t he step up for you? Why didn’t he love you enough to try harder? You let all these fears overcome you.

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