There’s always been this stigma when an older woman dates a younger guy. Some women just aren’t wholly sold on the idea of being in a relationship with a man younger than them. May it be the fear to be called his ate (or god forbid his mother) or the thought of not finding a mature partner in him, some women rule out the possibility of an amazing relationship solely based on age. Before you go "No, no, he’s too young for me!" when the next cute college kid or fresh grad hits you up at a bar, read up on these misconceptions first.

1. We’ll have nothing in common

Sure, the age gap will be there. The childhood movie you loved, he hasn’t even seen. That band you were obsessed with as a teen, he hasn’t even heard of. But the immediate differences shouldn’t hinder you from digging deeper. Who knows, you might both love the same book series, even if you read them in high school while he was a grade schooler.

2. He's immature

Let’s just make this clear: Maturity does NOT come with age. How many of your exes, all supposed to be "men," ended up at one point acting like a total baby? If a guy is ready to handle a woman like you, with all your flaws and baggage, he’ll be ready no matter what age he is. Not all younger men are there just for the fun, in the same way that not all older men are up for a serious relationship.

3. I’ll look like his ate next to him

You’ll only look old if you feel old. And being with a younger guy does the total opposite. His youthful vigor and wide-eyed optimism can help you remember how simple life was before you became all jaded by being in the real world. Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to lose the child in you. You can still have fun while being an adult! With a younger partner (in crime), you’ll realize that life can and must be enjoyed.

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