Dads have a special place in every woman’s heart. Aside from being the first man you’ve ever truly loved, he is also the mentor who taught you so many life skills – from knowing how to change tires to perfectly belching out the alphabet. If you’ve cultivated a loving relationship with him, it’s almost impossible not to be a Daddy’s girl. So do you have that special bond with your old man? Check out the signs below!

1. You hang out watching sports together…
And you troll each other when the team you’re rooting for loses.

2. You fist bump.
He may be in his 60’s, but he’s still cool with you like that.

3. He’s protective of you.
It doesn’t matter if you’re a functioning adult. If you’re still not home at 3 in the morning, he’ll start texting you to ask where you are.

4. You have had "the boyfriend talk."
It’s probably one of the most awkward conversations you’ve had, but it’s also one of the most enlightening.

5. He asks for your opinion.
Whether it’s about what to give your mom for her birthday or how exactly his smart phone works, what you say always matters to him.

6. You enjoy spending with him.
A great evening means staying home and opening a few bottles of beer with Daddy.

7. You love his Dad jokes.
They’re so horribly corny that they become funny.

8. Your fights never diminish your closeness.
In fact, they strengthen your relationship even more.

10. He does his best to show how much you mean to him.
The bear hugs may be rare, but that burnt hotdog that he cooked over an open stove for you is one of the many things he does to show that he cares.

11. You always get fashion advice from a guy’s point of view.
When you ask him if your new dress suits you, you’ll get his honest opinion – followed by the fact that he’ll always think that you’re the prettiest girl around.

12. You get free meals.
When he invites you to dinner, you know that you’ll get treated to a restaurant that you really like.

13. You know what goes on under the hood of your car.
You’ll never be a damsel in distress when your car overheats in the middle of EDSA as you know exactly what to do – thanks to Daddy.

14. You’re never totally broke.
If you need extra cash, he’s always ready to "lend" you some, then he’ll conveniently forget that you borrowed anything so you won’t need to pay him.

15. You can be gross around him.
Burping contests are part of your childhood.

16. He’s your ultimate bug exterminator.
His slipper is the best weapon against flying cockroaches.

17. You can talk with him about almost everything.
You know that he’ll always listen and take you seriously.

18. He always goes the extra mile to make you feel better.
He may not know exactly what’s making you blue, but the way he pats your head and buys you ice cream makes you feel that everything will be okay.

19. You’ll always feel proud to call him your dad…
Because he’s your hero.

20. … And he’ll always call you his Princess.
Because no matter how old you are, you’ll always be his little girl.


SCREENCAP: Modern Family/20th Century Fox Television; GIFs: Giphy, Buzzfeed

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