Breakups can be complicated–they either set you free or leave you confused, hurt, and broken. If you had the chance to ask your former partner one thing, what would it be?

1. Are you dating again?
If you are, I hope she makes you happy.

2. Do you ever stalk my Facebook or Instagram?
Like I do sometimes?

3. What did you like about me?
I may not be perfect, but I want to know what you loved about me.

4. Was I a bad girlfriend?
…or was I the best you've ever had?

5. Can you forgive me?
I messed up. I'm sorry.

6. Did you choose me out of pity?
… or did you really love me for real?

7. Would you date someone like me… again?
Would you prefer someone who is the exact opposite of me?

8. Will you give me another chance?
I will try my best to make things work, to be a better person, and to bring out the best in you.

9. Was I never enough?
Tell me, so I know.

10. Did you actually love me or just wanted the idea of a relationship?
I’m not sure if everything that happened between us were real.

11. Who was the other woman?
I hope it’s not someone I know.

12. Do you miss me?
I think about you sometimes.

13. What happened to us?
I don’t even know why we broke up.

14. Did you cheat on me with anyone I know?
Please don’t let it be my best friend.

15. Why did you say "forever" when you weren’t willing to make it work?
Remember, it takes two people to restore a relationship.

16. Why do you still love me after everything that happened?
Please look for someone else–someone who really deserves your love and affection.

17. Are you still mad?
Let go of the past and stop holding grudges, please. Forgive me.

18. Were you thinking of her while you were with me?
I hope not because I don't think I can li

19. Was I just a rebound?
Is that why you were never that invested or interested in me?

20. Was there anything I could have done to make you stay?
Because I would have done whatever it took to make it work.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy


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