1. He's the person you talk to about everything, including makeup, fashion, and celeb news.
Okay, granted he doesn't get you half the time and doesn't know who James Reid is. Still, he listens and tries to keep up with you. Sometimes he makes fun of you in a way that you can't help LOL-ing, and that makes you want to talk to him about those things all the more. As for him, he's amused with you. It's like his version of geeking out, really.

2. He makes sure you're not unhappy and you don't feel great. He's your cheerleader and top supporter, so when you're feeling low and you talk to him, he will remind you how far you've come. He knows exactly what to say to make you feel better and to help you pursue your dreams.

3. You guys have dessert and pastry dates together.
He might not have a sweet tooth like you, but he's game to go to dessert places with you and see you light up while eating a huge cup of gelato or frozen yogurt. Sometimes you split a cup, and you guys just sit down beside each other and savor the dessert.

4. He's honest with you.
He tells you not just the good things about you, but the bad, too. He'll let you know when you were being mean to your officemate or when you owe your kuya an apology for snapping at him. It doesn't sound good all the time, especially when he doesn't seem to be on your side when you're furious. But he is, by wanting you to keep being a good person by doing the right thing and taking responsibility.

5. He accepts you for who you are.
He knows your strengths and weaknesses, and doesn't take any of those against you. He actually respects you and is proud of you.

6. You guys can be goofy and silly together.
Because you guys practically have the same humor and love to joke around with each other!

7. You still ask him what he thinks of your outfit,
even if he just says "You look great!" or "Pwede na 'yan. Can we go now?" most of the time. It's practically impulse, because you don't seriously believe he's the best person to go to for fashion tips. But because he's honest, you know he'll tell you when you're over- or underdressed.

8. You guys hate on people together.
For the most part, your enemy is his enemy too, and vice versa. And bashing the people you don't like with him makes you feel good (in a slightly evil way) because he gets you completely and is hating on them too. There are times when he doesn't get why you're so mad at something or someone. If he can't convince you to end the dislike/hate, he'll hear you out and understand where you're coming from.

9. You guys can look sloppy together and just stay home and watch movies or TV shows.
Dates don't have to be romantic or fancy all the time because what matters for you guys is the quality time together. Snuggling in bed in your pambahay while watching Game of Thrones is special because you're doing something together and feel so comfortable. And when an episode ends you can talk about how amazing or blah or bitin it was.

10. You give each other high fives.
Because you guys are a great team, you have each other's backs and affirm one another's successes. #Goals

11. The sleepovers are the best.
For the obvious reason.

12. You ask each other for advice.
While the decision is still entirely up to you and you can't blame him for your choice or the consequences, you know that his advice is given with the best intentions hence worth reflecting on.

13. You know each other's issues and dramas.
You may or may not have been friends or partners since grade school, high school, or college, but you guys have told so many stories to each other that it feels like you've known each other for the longest time. Hey, it's not the number of months or years you've been together but how you made the most out of them, right?

14. You rant to him about your period pains, and he doesn't seem to mind or get grossed out.
He even knows your cycle! Yay for you two!

15. You gossip to each other about your friends, but never tell a soul about your few relationship woes.
You know what's up with his barkada and he knows all the juicy details about your girl friends' lives. You don't really know if you can spill other people's secrets to your guy, but you still do because you think it's understood by everyone that you'll tell him. It's the same thing with him, too. What's amazing is you guys never talk about relationship problems to other people, what more bad-mouth one another. When there's an issue between you and your man, you guys tell each other straight. Talk about respect!

This story originally appeared on Cosmo.ph.

* Minor edits have been made by the Femalenetwork.com editors.

PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Eryne; GIFS: Giphy

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