In this crazy world of mixed signals, it can be tough to decipher whether a guy likes you or not. Short of asking him point black, there's really no exact formula for it. Besides, not all men express themselves the same way. But the for the sake of our sanity, we came up with a checklist of sorts. The more you tick off, the higher the likelihood that he feels attracted to you. Here, 15 signs that a guy likes you.

1. When he maintains eye contact a second longer than normal

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2. When he laughs at all your jokes even if—let’s face it—you can’t throw a punch line to save your life.

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3. When he listens to you talk about girl stuff for hours

watch now

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4. When he keeps showing off his best assets

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5. When he occasionally gets tongue-tied around you

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6. When he always takes the seat nearest you

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7. When he bites or licks lips while talking to you

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8. When he tries to escort you everywhere

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9. When he keeps popping up at your usual hangouts

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10. When he tries to get you to stay away from other guys

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11. When he keeps dropping weird hints that all seem to point that he's the right guy for you

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12. When he spruces up

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13. When he starts doing dorky things just to get you to notice him

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14. When he acts all shy while asking for your number

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15. When he looks at you all the time

Via Gabriel Macht Tumblr

(Flashbox photo from He's Just Not That Into You courtesy of Cinestar)

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