Some situations call for classic hugot lines.

When breaking up with your boyfriend: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

When you and your guy friend become too close: “I love you, but only as a friend.”

When your friend gets her heart broken: “Stay strong.”

But there are some situations, such as when you catch your boyfriend cheating on you or when you find yourself working in the same building with the girl he cheated on you with, that call for an entirely different set of words. Here, 15 patama quotes that do their job well.

When you're in the MRT and someone literally and figuratively pushes you too far

2. When you bump into the girl who ruined your happiness

3. When your #feeling officemate brags about her latest Instagram post instead of doing her job

4. When a former bully tries to make you miserable at your high school reunion

5. When someone throws you undeserved shade in the ladies' room

6. When you accidentally bump into the third party at the mall

7. When your friend wants to hear real advice about her bad news boyfriend

8. When you're tired of listening to your boyfriend's lame excuses

9. When your plastik cousin makes an appearance at the family reunion

10. When you start taking your relationship for granted

11. When your traitorous ex-BFF starts a fight

12. When the guy you're dating is too sure of himself

13. When someone in the office is blatantly seducing your married boss just in time for promotion month

14. When you want to have the last word but don't want to cause a scene

15. When your friend who keeps playing coy complains about being single

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