1. Create a list of the sh*tty things your ex has done. Even the tiny ones count.
Remember those times when you always had to wait for him because he was NEVER on time? How about when you caught him flirting with his officemate? Never again.

2. Stop all types of communication.
It prevents you from begging that huge mistake to come back into your life. Oh, and if you feel like you miss him, it's just most likely because he had been a part of your routine for so long. Feel like failing? Please refer to item number one.

3. If you want to drink, call your girlfriends to keep you in safe company.
Also, erase his number from your phone to prevent drunk-texting and calling.

4. If he wants you to be friends right after the breakup, don't fall for it.
It's like Spain and the Philippines being total BFFs right after they took over our country for three centuries and treated us like second-class citizens. Get the picture? It's called a breakup because it's broken.

5. Exercise! #BalikAlindog time, girl!
Score a better bod not to make him drool (it helps though), but to create a better version of you. Engage in a kickass work out like boxing or HIIT to release all your anger and torch fat.

6. Treat yourself.
After surviving the past mess in your life, you deserve a treat. Shop for a new wardrobe or eat your favorite dessert. Do anything that will give you instant joy!

7. Spend a lot of time outdoors.
Girl, there is more to life than a jerk who crushed your heart. Fresh air, great food, and an amazing scenery will do you good, which brings us to...

8. Travel!
Take that trip you've always wanted. Explore a new place and rediscover yourself. Take a dip in the sea and channel all your pain into the water because salt water heals broken hearts. Okay, we don't have scientific proof, but it has worked for a lot of people.

9. Cry if you need to.
Feel the pain, you're only human. But resist from oversharing on social media. It may come off too negative for others. Besides, your future self will only regret it.

1o. Rebound if you must, but...
Invest in some "me" time and think things through. You're not only unfair to your heart, but to his heart, too. It's okay to date, but please, take things slow. If you really like him, then go ahead and let new love blossom.

11. Don't plan on getting him back, but plan on how to get YOU back.
As we've mentioned earlier, this is the time when you rediscover yourself. Being unattached opens lots of opportunities for you to try new things. Make use of this time to upgrade to a better version of you.

12. Stop blaming yourself or him.
It's going to be difficult, but heartaches happen for a reason. With every breakup, you learn something. And when you're 100 percent healed, you'll realized why the pain was all worth it.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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