It’s one thing to reach out to a former flame after a breakup, but to actually request something as ridiculous as load or borrowing your car for a date with someone else is borderline kakapalan ng mukha.

Here are some of the most ridiculous answers we got from our friends and readers:


1. princesz_23 (via Instagram)

“Can you give all the things that I bought for you when we [were] together?” 

2. A, 26

“He asked me to stay in touch and be friends with him. As if he didn’t cheat on me and leave me hanging. He constantly asked me how I’ve been for months and told me all the details about his current girlfriend without my asking. I got so sick and tired of ‘being friends’ with him that I decided to block him on social media. What’s up with most men and why do they think you can be friends after a bad breakup?” 

3. Dindin Dela Cruz (via Facebook)

“After a week he asked me if I can come over and give him a hug. So I went there and comforted him and days after that, he told me he’s already in love with someone he met on Tinder.” 

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4. Grace, 31

“This guy I dated asked me to help him with a big presentation a few days after breaking up with me in front of my family.”

5. Jessica, 27

“It was just three days after our breakup when he texted me. I thought he was going to ask me to be his girl again but it turns out, he just wants to borrow my car – for a date with another woman! Kapal.” 

6. Brian, 32 

“My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with someone close to me. Weeks after she broke up with me (because she got jealous over my kababata who’s a girl), she messaged me and asked me to introduce her to him and be their bridge. No freaking way!” 

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7. Liz Lazaro (via Facebook)

“For the last time, please finish my report (for school) I badly need it tomorrow.” 

8. Orell Itrom Reveiel (via Facebook)

Puwede ka bang mag ninang sa binyag ng baby ko?” 


9. Sanya, 31

“It was a few days after Christmas and he dropped by our house. At first, I thought he was going to apologize (after my mom saw him with another woman at the mall), but then he mentioned that he was going to ask me for a present!”

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10. Terry, 26

“He asked me to give back everything he gave me and if that wasn’t possible, okay lang daw na cash na lang. He sent me the receipts. Just, wow.” 

11. Michael, 35

“We had a joint account in the bank and she wanted me to revoke my rights and transfer all our hard-earned money to her name.” 

12. Camella Damian (via Facebook)

“Can you please load my number?” 


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