The Yuletide season is a time of fun and bonding with loved ones. Make the most out of the holidays with these fun family activities:

1. Go back to basics.
Before smartphones and gadgets existed, there were boardgames to pass the time! But unlike the former, the latter is an excellent way for family members to reconnect, bond, and be merry together. Pull out your fave game and gather around the fam bam.

2. Create family goals.
Talking about your family objectives is an inspiring way to work together towards what your brood aspires for. Get everyone together and formulate a game plan. Make sure your goals meet the SMART guideline: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Write these down and determine the steps it will take to achieve them. Post these in visible areas around the house and schedule meetings to check your family’s progress. The update meetings are a good excuse to keep the family connected throughout the whole year!

3. Clean up as a clan.
Get ready for an awesome new year by ending 2015 right. De-clutter and donate items you no longer need and throw out useless junk. Be spic-and-span for 2016 and make it fun. Hold a contest between members of the family, or swap stories while tidying up. Not only will this help you spend quality time together, but you’ll have more room for all the blessings to come!

4. Go on a staycation.
After all that hard work, treat yourselves to a pleasant stay at a comfortable hotel. On a budget? No worries! Affordable boutique hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and condotels are a dime a dozen.

5. Hit the road.
Explore the Philippines and experience a new place together. Out-of-town vacations pave the way to creating long-lasting family memories. You can also revisit a favorite holiday spot and make it a tradition.

6. Walk the talk.
After that Christmas Noche Buena spread, and in preparation for the coming New Year’s Eve feast, get fit as a family. The cooler weather makes for a comfortable stroll around the neighborhood or at a nearby park. You can catch up on your mom’s hobbies, talk sissy through a dilemma, or lend support to hubby’s newest project.

7. Pay it forward.
Give back all the blessings you received this year and plan an outreach activity with the kin. Make the holidays more special for the underprivileged.

8. Throw a huge family party.
Holiday time is usually split up between the two sides of the family–your mother’s side and father’s side. Why not bring everyone together and throw one big festive family affair?

9. Come up with a bucket list.
‘Tis the season to check off an item on your family’s bucket list. Try something you haven’t done before. Hit an island like Bohol to go dolphin watching together, head to the treetops to get a dose of zipline exhilaration, or enhance family teamwork and conquer Break Out Philippines.

10. Have a picnic.
Take advantage of the cooler weather and pack a sumptuous picnic meal, head down to the park (or nice outdoor places like the University of the Philippines Sunken Garden or Nuvali), and get comfortable on the grass. Organize fun games like Frisbee or go Pinoy and play a round of patintero.

11. Hold a cook-a-thon for the help.
Give the help the day off and show your appreciation for their dedication to your fam bam by serving them a hot meal prepared lovingly by you and your loved ones. Get everyone to pitch inyou can help Mom cook while Dad washes the dishes, and the younger ones can set the table. Not only are you sharing your blessings, you’re also taking to heart all the beautiful things that the season is about–love, kindness, compassion, peace, and goodwill.

12. Go on one-on-one dates.
Take the extra time to catch up with each member of your family and take them out on one-on-one dates. Although family activities are fun, there’s something about having personal time with each to help strengthen your bond. Take Mom out for dessert, have a cup of coffee with Dad, and shop with the sissy.

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