When you start dating someone, eventually, your relationship will move forward and he’ll be asking you to come over his house to meet his entire family. Meeting a your man’s whole clan can be nerve-racking! You might even have panic attacks because you're overthinking on how you can show them the best version of yourself. Plus, you know for a fact that on that day, all eyes will be on you the moment you enter the room, and you'll be peppered with questions by his family.

And that fateful day comes, you start to feel the pressure and find your mind flooded with thoughts like these ones:

1. “Should I bring them gifts?”
Like each of them? Or a fruit basket would do?

2. “What should I wear?”
You want to look presentable without putting that much effort.

3. “I hope I don’t piss off his sister.”
…or his mother–because the last thing you want to happen is for the other women in his life hate you. What if you two get married? #MonsterInLaw times two.

4. I hope he won't leave me alone with them.”
You plan to give your boyfriend pleading puppy eyes whenever he leaves the room.

5. “Do I hug them? Or give them a handshake?”
You think it might be too awkward to hug them but a handshake seems a bit off, too. You think you'll just stand there with an awkward smile instead.

6. “What if they'll hate me?”
Possibly one of the biggest fears of women is when their guy’s family doesn’t like them. I mean, it would be difficult to stay in a room with people who dislike you. It’s just uncomfortable.

7. “Should I be myself completely?”
Deep down inside you know you’re a really fun person with all those (sometimes inappropriate) jokes–but you’re really not sure if it’s right to show the real you just yet.


8. “Oh my God. I hope I won't sweat like a pig today.”
Because anxiety.

9. “What if I say something embarrassing?”
…and you have no choice but to live with that moment. Plus, you can expect that you may be the topic during the next Sunday lunch.

10. “I didn’t get the joke but I’ll laugh anyway.”
Since you know, his dad was already looking at you after saying the punch line.

11. “Did they like me or did they pretend to like me?”
Congratulations for surving this day! It's normal for you to rewind and review everything that happened earlier. It's okay even if unsettling thoughts still bother you. Don’t overthink it! As long as you know you were proper and showed them how much you love their son, everything will be fine.

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