1. You guys can feel what the other is feeling.
Even when he’s hiding it, you just know if he’s upset, angry, exhausted, or embarrassed. And you feel those emotions, too, because there’s a strong connection between you two.

2. You can be quiet together.
There’s a lot to be said about being together and not saying anything. There’s a meaningful silence between you, and there’s no pressure or awkwardness or discomfort that makes you feel like you have to keep talking.

3. You can communicate by just looking at each other.
The moment he looks at you, you know if you have to cover up something he did or pull an on-the-spot prank on someone together. You also have a bank of inside jokes, so that when you come across something related to them, you guys turn to each other and know what’s being said.

4. You know each other’s flaws.
Quality time you’ve spent together has made you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You admire his strengths. As for the weaknesses, you don’t use them against him. Instead, you accept them and encourage him to be better every day.

5. You’re comfortable with each other.
You can ask him the stupidest questions. You can burp. You can have a bad hair day with him. You can even jiggle your fat with him, and it’s all cute and fun.

6. You can talk to each other about anything and everything.
It’s because you guys feel absolutely comfortable with each other, and you know that he gets you—or if it’s something foreign to him (like period things), you know that he’ll try to get you.

7. You know how to make each other laugh.
I don’t even know how it happens, but it just does! And it’s ~*magical*~.

8. You know exactly how to calm each other down or cheer each other up.
Since you guys know each other so well, he knows when you need his comforting words and when you need advice. More importantly, he knows when to be silent and just put his arms around you and hold you tight.

9. You feel infinitely satisfied.
You feel like you don’t have anything else to ask for, because your soul mate is the gift you’ve always wanted and needed. You can’t imagine spending your days with anyone else.

10. You feel like the luckiest person in the world because of your soul mate.
Because you have no idea what you did in this life or in your past life to get such luck. And when he tells you, "No, I’m the lucky one," you melt. How could you not?

11. You can have many soul mates.
The most cruel thing you can do to yourself is to think that only one person can do #1 – 10. But the truth is that we have strong bonds with other people—our family, our friends—who get us completely, love us just as we are, and whom we have loads of fun with. We’re lucky to get along with more than one person, really.

From: cosmo.ph

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PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFS: Giphy

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