There are some things that only people in relationships enjoy, like having a constant partner for just about anything–the movies, food tripping, out-of-town getaways. They also have the benefit of having a go-to person to talk to whenever they’re feeling down. However, sometimes life interjects and couples find themselves facing the challenge of a long distance relationship. Here are some things you may be going through as a couple in an LDR:

"Paano yun?" is a staple question from everyone.
Everyone, from family to friends to random strangers a friend introduced you to, would ask this question whenever they learn that you’re in a long distance relationship. It’s as if you claimed that the Earth has four sides. Of course, if you are able to answer it well, you’ll probably get reactions ranging from "Ah, talaga" to"Wow, ang galing naman!"

You’re both practically single again.
Those things you enjoy when you're in a relationship? Suddenly, you no longer have those perks even if you’re in one. You’re now the third wheel to your formerly single friend who used to be your third wheel. Still...

…you’re actually not really single.
So you can’t flirt as if you were. With your partner away, there’s always that temptation to enjoy the single life, and some people just enjoy it a little too much.

You lose your mind more often.
When your partner is within reach, you can always call their house or, if they can't be reached, try to go where they went last just to check if they’re okay. In a long distance relationship, you can’t do anything if your partner feels sick or if they don't send you a message after a night out of drinking. The feeling of helplessness is a feeling shared by everyone in an LDR, but it does help you trust your partner more.

Mobile internet could be your best friend…

Gone are the days when letters via air mail or international call cards are your only options. Thanks to modern technology, couples can regularly communicate with each other through video calls as if they’re right next to each other.

…or it could be your worst enemy.
There are times when the internet connection just fails you. Instead of connecting you with your partner, it becomes a reason for misunderstanding and frustration because the poor connection keeps breaking up video calls or internet calls.

Emoticons become so much useful.
Because of the sometimes crappy internet connections, you tend to rely more on chat apps than video apps. And since you can’t see your partner, emoticons help a lot in distinguishing jokes from serious talk. Believe me, sarcasm does not translate well through text messaging.

You enjoy seeing "Typing…" on your partner’s chat status.

You find joy in the simplest things. Since you can’t see your partner, you’re sometimes not sure if he or she has already read your message. You keep looking at your phone to check if they sent a reply already, and sometimes get disappointed when you don’t see a new message. Suddenly, your partner is "Typing…" something, and you can’t let go of your phone to see what they have to say.

You have a go-to video call app.
In order to find the best way to communicate with your partner, you’re practically on all forms of social media, and may have probably tried all types of communication apps to find which can provide the most seamless connection. Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp, WeChat, Hangouts, KakaoTalk, Line, Viber, Messenger–after a few months of being apart, you’ve probably tried them all already, and you know which one works best for you. As an Android user, I’d like to save you some time by suggesting Hangouts if you don’t have a go-to app yet.

Surprises are more complicated.
It’s already challenging to surprise a partner in a long-term relationship, but it’s even more difficult to surprise one who’s away from you. Sure, a surprise visit on your anniversary could be a cool idea, but if you have the same idea of making the milestone special, chances are, you'd both be surprised on the day itself–and the tears that fall won’t be happy tears at all.

You have a tight schedule.

The world does not revolve around just the two of you. Hence, whenever one of you visits the other, there are always other boxes to be ticked on their checklist. It means that dates should be planned months in advance and that there’s no time to waste with the limited time that you’re together. Of course, absence makes the heart grow fonder, so until you see each other again, you make each moment count.

PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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