They say experiencing the first of anything is and should be special, but sometimes not everything will go as planned. Here are eleven first kiss stories from guys and girls that will probably make you kilig or cringe.

“My first kiss was at our garage! Haha. It was when I said yes to my current boyfriend. It was just a peck though, nothing too sexy. Haha” –Miranda, 27

“It was inside my then boyfriend’s car. We were arguing for the first time and it was pretty bad. But after that when everything’s okay he kissed me sweetly and softly. That was my first kiss.” –Marian, 26

“It was the time na uso pa yung mga MU pag high school eh. Yung ka MU ko, she was crying over an argument sa house nila. I was just comforting her and she kissed me. It’s her way of saying thank you. But that was my first.” –Justin, 26

“My first kiss was with my first boyfriend back in college. We were very young and ignorant freshmen, and the relationship was something out of a Koreanovela–he was the drummer of a band, and I was the geeky girl who was into comic books. No one would have thought that we would end up together. One afternoon, after summer class, he asked me if he could kiss me and we ended up in an empty classroom. It was awkward and full of false starts—we ended up laughing a lot. A few years later we broke up because we outgrew each other, but that first kiss will always be a good memory.” –Anya, 29

“Sa loob siya ng cinema. Actually hindi ko maalala kung sino unang nag-initiate pero parang ako yata. We were watching a Tagalog romantic comedy movie, andthen we just felt closer than usual tapos ayun! We kissed. Smack lang naman. Good boy ako eh.” –Jeff, 29

“We were staying at a friend's condo and while we were watching a movie, he was leaning closer to me. Our eyes were open, and he even asked me if I wanted to watch a tutorial!–Margaret, 21

“The girl I was dating was sort of a party girl, so I was shy to tell her that I’ve never kissed a girl before. The whole night I was at her house, I was sweating while seated on her couch and without warning, she planted a deep, passionate kiss on my lips. It was stolen, but I’m not complaining.” –David, 28

“Back in college, I met this guy at a gathering and we hit it off quickly. We were having a few drinks with my group of friends. He suddenly planted a soft kiss on my lips when I turned around to face him! I know it looks like the one in the movies, but it gave me butterflies.” –Anna, 25

“My first kiss was with my ex-boyfriend, I didn't know how to kiss at that time so his lips turned black from all the sucking. Haha!” –Grace, 32

“It happened at our garden, and he was so nervous. The kiss was so messy, and he drooled all over my lips. Ugh.” –Jill, 28

“We were waiting for our graduation practice, and all the guys were left in one room. Things got a little...rowdy...and well...bam! –AK, 24

PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Leo Hidalgo; GIFs: Giphy

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