Why do some young girls, even those who look fine, healthy, and normal, feel the need to diet? Many of them may feel pressured by the images of "perfect" models in magazines, TV, and movies. While media can affect our teens' perception of their bodies, there’s more than this obvious culprit to blame.

What’s the real issue? Teens generally like to be accepted by their peer group. Their body issues are related to fitting in and being like everybody else. So if the present trend pushes a certain body type, they would want that as well.

If you feel like your teen is in danger of falling prey to the perceived notions of perfection, here are things you can do to bring her back to reality.

For more tips on loving yourself (which you can pass on to your teen), check out these FN articles:

(First published in Good Housekeeping Magazine, Features section as "I Don't Like My Body" in August 2008; adapted for use in Female Network)
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