It's our duty as sworn sisters to make our friends feel better—whether they just got laid off from work, missed a golden opportunity, or split up with their boyfriend. But sometimes, especially in the case of the latter, what we think will make them feel better only makes them feel worse. Here, 10 things your single friend probably doesn't want to hear.

1. It's his loss.

It’s the quintessential pampalubag loob phrase. But as much as it does for the ego, it can get irritating to hear in the long run. Used too much and it becomes repetitive, making your friend sound like a loser nobody wants.

2. Are you [gay, lesbian, asexual]?

Under no circumstances is it okay to assume your friend is lesbian just because she isn't jumping at the chance to date every single guy you throw her way. On the subject matter, it is NEVER, I repeat, NEVER okay to even use a person's orientation as a means to question their singlehood. Regardless of preference, friends should not assume that the reason their matchmaking antics aren't working is because they're setting the friend up with someone of the wrong orientation.

3. Hugot 'til it hurts
Just because your single sister isn't liking your hugot memes doesn't make her a feeling-less b*tch who has sworn off men or women forever. Please don't spam or tag an unattached person like crazy just because you feel like a quote seemingly fits their current relationship status or lack of.


4. Are there other old maids in your family?
Asking if spinsterdom runs in my family is just foul! HELLOOO, this is not diabetes that you can genetically acquire through your gene pool!

5. Tick tock, countdown to your biological clock
Telling your 27-year-old friend that her biological clock is a ticking time bomb won’t help her feel better. Besides, not everybody wants to have a kid. There are lots of married couples who are happily childless. Leave other people's uteri alone!!

6. You're too picky
What's wrong with being choosy? Nothing! Don't turn your friend into a desperate cow just because you think she has too many qualifications on her list. If you want your bestie to find happiness, you’ll let her find someone whom she can really connect with. Nevermind that some of the qualities on her list sound unrealistic. Walang basagan ng trip, please!

7. You should go out more.

Partying every single day or night can land you a bed buddy not a probable better half. If your goal is to turn bff into a loosey goosey then by all means, peddle her like hot balut.

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8. Have you considered just having a child?
For some unknown reason, attached individuals seem to think that if you cannot find a partner, the quickest solution to fill the void in the pit formerly known as your heart, is to have a child. It doesn’t even seem to matter whether you acquire one from a willing sperm donor, an anonymous clinic, or through an adoption agency. Uhm... Don't forget that a child is a huge responsibility, and you can't exactly pick out your kid like you can pick out your potential other half.
9. You should join me and {insert BF's name}
Third wheeling on Valentine's Day or any day is not okay. Nothing can make a person feel and look more alone than tagging along with a couple. It’s an awkward and embarrassing moment and shouldn't be experienced by anyone single, man or woman.

10. Did you bring a date? No? Here, let me introduce you to my mother's long lost nephew who speaks very little English.

Going stag isn't the worst thing. While there's nothing wrong with matching up singles, discretion should be practiced and, again, don't be more desperate than your friend.

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