You stalk your date on social media.

You find yourself scrolling through his Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts to research about him, aka, stalking. 

You stalk his ex, too!
You know you shouldn't compare yourself to her, but you just have to know what his ex-lover looks like, what she does for a living, and where she went to school.  

You’re a bit awkward around him.

"How do I even start a conversation with him...?"

You overthink everything he says.
Does his "no" really mean "yes?" Why does he sound so masungit? Am I being too demanding? Before you know it, you’re paranoid and start to overanalyze everything he says. 

You upgrade your wardrobe.
Because you realize that nothing you have in your closet is good enough and you feel dyahe wearing same outfit twice.

You’re careful when it comes to posting on social media. 

You’ll never know if he’s the type to "research," too! Also, you’re thinking of deleting those #TBT photos of you with unkempt hair, braces, and yellow jumpers. 

Your friends are more excited for you. 

Especially if it's your first date in a long while after ending a long-term relationship

You’re always teased for looking "blooming."
You want to look your best all the time, and because of that, your friends tease you for being "blooming" and in love. Haba ng hair!

You’re glued to your phone most of the time. 
Dating someone new also means you have someone new to talk to! Whether it's on WhatsApp, Viber, or iMessage, you and your new guy never seem to run out of things to talk about. 

You feel inspired and motivated. 

Having someone who sends you "good morning" texts and makes you feel good is enough to turn any bad day into a good one. Just remember to learn how to create your own happiness, too!  

SCREENCAP: Must Love Dogs/Warner Bros. (2005); GIFs: Giphy 

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