1. Explaining to people over and over again about the baby daddy

Your nosy tita strikes every time you have a family reunion or that single co-worker gives you the stare of death every time you bring your kid to work (See next point). You don’t owe them any explanation! Let the fact that you’re an independent woman who is and will be raising her child well do all the talking.

2. Bringing your kid to work with you (sometimes)
You have a drawer filled with crayons, sketch pads, and coloring books just for your little tot. Plus, you’ve managed to cram in a mini chair and table in your cubicle. Maabilidad!

3. You have to shoulder all the bills
Yup, A-L-L! From the water and electricity bills, to the house rent and grocery budget. You’re also saving up for your kid’s college tuiton fee and making sure you have an emergency fund ready for use. Chances are, you took on at least two jobs when your child was still small to make ends meet and still, you’ve managed through. Great job!

4. Finding a kind nanny
You vowed never to get a yaya after seeing all those videos of nannies mistreating kids surfaced online. But with your busy schedule as a working mom, you badly need one, pronto!

5. You barely have time to go out with your friends on weekends
And if you do, you have to bring your preschooler with you to the restaurant, the cinema, and the coffee shop. By the time the clock strikes 10 p.m., you’re on your way home because there’s no way you can bar hop with the girls.

6. You have at least three bags with you
One is for you, while the other two are for her toys, clothes, diapers, and snacks. Most of the time, her bags are bigger than yours!

7. Dating will be harder than it already is
Even before you go on a first date, you’re already worrying about whether or not your kid will like him or if the guy is comfortable with the fact that you’re a single mom. You’ve learned that the best thing to do is to choose a man who’s willing to embrace everything about you and accept everyone in your life.

8. You’ve mastered the art of multitasking
You can give a circus juggler a run for his money. Smartphone on one hand, milk bottle on the other? Easy peasy! And because you can cook while checking her homework and read a bed time story while checking your e-mail, your kid calls you supermom.

9. Being the gentle, caring mom and the tough, firm dad–at the same time
Disciplining your kid is all about balance, you have to be firm with your decision and remember to assure your child that he is loved despite being scolded for something he did wrong.

10. Attending to PTA meetings can be tiring
Because really, who wants to explain to teachers and other parents your home life? But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it because you’re there to make sure that your child gets the best education and an awesome support system.

Photos: Smart Parenting

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