At a time when many people seem to have a hard time being loyal to one person, it can sometimes be hard to believe that you’ve met your right match. After all, falling in love is one thing, but staying in love is another. You know that what you have is real and true by instinct, but just in case you need the affirmation, here are 10 signs that prove that you're in a relationship worth keeping.


1. You're friends.
Whether you met a week or 10 years ago, romantic relationships should be based on friendship. Friendship isn't about putting your best foot forward or impressing anyone; it's about being honest about who you really are—things that are very important if you're going to progress into something deeper.

Relationships based on friendship are casual in their intimacy. They're not always about candle-lit dinners or string quartets. They're about stressful mornings, mundane evenings, and everything in between. If you come home looking forward to snuggling on a couch with your special someone in spite of the fact that he forgot to buy the eggs you asked him to, then what you have is golden.

2. You have your regular share of arguments.

Arguments are a normal occurrence in any relationship. Don't believe other people who say that their love lives are awesome since they never butt heads with their partners. Real couples fight, and those who don't may have serious problems. Arguments prove that the two of you have individual opinions and beliefs, and that you just don't say "yes" just to please the other. What's important is always managing to come to a consensus. Doing so strengthens any relationship, and if you manage to always meet halfway, then you're in a healthy relationship.

3. You rarely, if not never, bring up past faults.

Bringing up past faults is a huge no-no. Fights should only focus on the matter on hand, and should not deviate back to something that has already been resolved a long time ago. If you and your partner have learned to forgive and forget, then you have it good.

4. You give each other space.

Yes, it's great to be with one another, but giving each other space is also important. Space allows you to enjoy yourself in your own time, without having to think about any girlfriend or wife duties that you may have. It's healthy to recharge once in a while so that you can share more of yourself with your partner. If you both understand the significance of being apart, then you're in the right place.

5. You have your own set of friends.
Having common friends to hang out with as a couple is good. It gives you a chance to be with other people without alienating one another. However, that doesn't mean that you'll forget about the friends you've had back when you were both still single. It's a must to have a set of friends that you have separate experiences with. It makes you grow into a richer, more independent person, and it helps you bring more to the table with regard to your relationship. If you value being with other people and you accept that you both have different crowds, then you're pretty much prepared to be in it for the long haul.

6. You're comfortable with one another.
Being in a healthy relationship means accidentally farting with the wind in his direction and him not breaking up with you (He may loudly complain about what you did, but he'll never break up with you). A good relationship also means that you've accepted that you'll always have both fabulous and icky moments, and that the icky moments don't matter because it's all part of what you signed up for. If you know completely what you've gotten into and you both agree to stay, then you're both pretty lucky to have found each other.

7. You're your own person as he is his.
Some people tend to lose who they are just so they can impress or make their partners happy. Doing so isn't only sad, but also erases the parts that their loved ones have fallen in love with. It's important to maintain your identity when you're in a relationship, as well as to learn to respect your man’s identity. If you're both secure about who you are and you both respect each other's personalities, then your relationship is bound to be smooth sailing.

8. You respect each other's privacy.
Unless you've talked about it, being in a relationship doesn't give either of you free access to each other’s social media accounts or email inboxes. It doesn't give you the right to read each other's text messages or use each other's stuff either. Boundaries must always be kept especially when it comes to privacy, whether you're an open book to each other or not. After all, you always have to keep something to yourself. If the both of you understand each other's need for something of your own, then it means you respect each other, and respect is a huge factor in keeping a relationship on the right track.

9. You love each other's imperfections.
Whether it's your underarms or your teeth gap, your partner loves the parts of you that you hate as much as you love those of his. You know the things that each wants to hide from others and you both appreciate them as part of the entire package. In fact, you're even thankful for them; they make both of you real and human. If your man knows the parts of you that embarrass you the most and loves you more for it, then you're in a great relationship.

10. You wake up every morning knowing that what you have is worth keeping.
Love is a decision made every day. For all the things that have come to pass, if you both still choose to be with one another through thick and thin, then your relationship is more than healthy—it’s the definition of forever.

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