Check out some of the best hugot stories we’ve had so far from real people. Prepare the tissues, ladies.

My Husband Wants to Have a Child With Another Woman
"During the eight years my husband and I were together, he didn't seem to mind not having a baby. During the times na I was so down about it, he was the one who was strong and who seemed able to accept it already. That all changed recently. He started kidding about having a baby with another woman. "

An Open Letter to the Man I Will Always Love
"When your calls suddenly lessened, I felt that something big was about to explode in my face. And I was right. Later that night, you told me that you found someone already. You were very ecstatic about it that you weren’t able to hear the pain that I was experiencing. Hearing that news nearly shattered my world. It is with tears that I uttered my most painful reply: 'I am so happy for you.'"

I Fell in Love with Another Girl While I Was Still with My Girlfriend
"Because of that common ground, my friendship with Crystal grew deeper. I found myself hanging out with her more often, and we even started having dinners alone. We’d tell each other about how our day went and we’d dish out advice for each other’s problems. We were together almost all of the time. This went on for about a year until I realized that I might actually have feelings for her."

I Thought I Finally Found the One
"He was my best friend, my soul mate, and my partner. We believed in growing old together; we had plans of settling down, our dream wedding and our dream house. We were planning for our future. He was really the man that I had been waiting for. Everything seemed so perfect and right, and I became dependent on him, even my happiness was based on him. I controlled him to be the man that I wanted him to be. And I never did I think that I would lose him little by little."

My Boyfriend Left Me While I Was 9 Months Pregnant
"Nasa Baler, Aurora sila noon. Sabi niya sorry di na siya masaya. Di na daw niya kayang tiisin pagiging mahigpit ko at kung nanay nga daw niya di niya sinusunod eh ako pa daw kaya. Sabi ko bakit niya ko iiwan eh manganganak nako. He said alam naman niya na papalakihin ko ng maayos ang anak namin. So kampante na siya."

An Open Letter To The One That Got Away
"We were happily engaged, and we threw it and our parents’ blessings away, over some issues that could have been easily mended with a sincere sorr—well, it’s too late for that. We’re far too late to correct that mistake. Touch move, my dear. Checkmate."

I Chose to Wait for a Lady Who Wasn't Ready
"As the months went by, friends wondered how we were. While most of them were happy for us, some also questioned the uncertainties. One of them even asked 'Why treat someone like a priority when you're only just an option?' Deep down, I knew what I was getting myself into; I knew there was a chance that it wouldn't work out."

The Moment I Knew I Had to End Our Relationship
"After that, he got distant, and I figured that he was starting to get bored with me. Then, he told me that he was already getting annoyed with me. The lying started to come after that. That was the breaking point. I decided that enough was enough when I realized that I didn’t deserve this kind of treatment anymore."

Why I Stopped Expecting Too Much From Other People
"That night, I learned that not everyone would have the same heart as you. Not everyone would be as willing to go the extra distance for someone. Not everyone was the same, and it’s a part of life that I had to learn to accept. It was that night when I realized that I shouldn’t pressure people into giving what I could give."

Why I Said No to His Proposal
"A year after our big fight, we got back together and went out of town. Surprisingly, in one romantic boat ride, he popped the big question. You'd think that I would have been happy, but instead of a joyous yes, I went down on my knees, hugged him, and mouthed the words 'Sorry.'"

PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Francois Bazoge

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