We've all had an ex-boyfriend or two reappear just after we've moved on, and although it seems fine and harmless to reopen the lines of communication, there are special situations when we'd rather not. Is someone from your past knocking on your door? You might want to use these clever responses below.

Honestly, this could be a real response because you changed your number for him not to contact you ever again. Well, looks like he found you.

Some people from the past should just stay in the past!

When ex-boyfriends suddenly get amnesia and forget all the ugly things that led to the breakup

This is, by far, the best reminder of what he has lost.

It's absolutely hilarious to see someone beg for your attention again after shitting on your head.

Regrets always happen in the end, and never at the beginning of a decision. Too bad it's all too late now.

Because really, how could the spawn of Satan even have connection down there?

You'd rathered be called ugly by your crush than be flattered by this compliment.

Creep alert. Ugh.

Because some things can't really go back to the way they were.

PHOTO: Pixabay, iPhoneSMSGenerator.com

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