I saw an old journal entry dated way back in 2007. It was almost three years then when my relationship ended with someone very special. He was my first and only valentine. This is what it read:

God allowed our separation to happen because He knew you made me so happy. That you had already completed your mission in making me realize that I am capable of giving and loving, without expecting anything in return.

Yet he allowed me to feel your love back more than I expected anyone would be able to give. Then he decided that there's another girl in this world who needed to experience the same happiness I did.

And so He gave you to her. Maybe God knows she needed you more than I do. I am just happy and grateful that I was able to have such moments with you at just the right time in my life, even for a short time. I will never lose hope. I trust that God still has plans for me... or maybe for us... Just like what you said, this is not the end of our story...

Two years later, God took you away completely by surprise. A surprise no one ever wants to experience. A single thought kept running through my head: I'd rather see you marry someone else than this.

I would have been contented knowing that we were under the same sky, breathing the same air or maybe... just maybe wishing on the same star. I would have loved the hope of possibilities. Like unexpectedly crossing each other’s paths, at least I would have gotten to see you again. Maybe seeing you smile or hearing your voice...

It’s been seven years now, yet the pain of losing someone you love still lives within me. The happiness and joy you brought to my life then will never ever be forgotten. You will always be remembered.

I still celebrate Valentine’s Day with him in my heart, just like for the past 12 years–celebrating the life and love that he brought me. Although the pain still lingers, it's nothing compared to the happiness and love he unselfishly showed and shared with me.

Yes, the story didn’t stop there. It’s just sad that you forgot to mention that I would be the only character left in our story. I’m just looking forward to meeting you again in our next life. But still, I can say I'm happy living with your memories.

Happy Valentine’s Day, love. You will always and forever be my Valentine.

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