In the movies One More Chance and A Second Chance, it was established that Popoy and Basha Gonzales were part of a steady group of friends. Each member had a different personality that balanced the whole troop. Their barkada dynamic is simply one for the books! Read on to know why every individual of the squad is the best, and evaluate if your group has its own version.

1. Krizzy, played by Dimples Romana
Krizzy is the ate of the barkada, the one who gives sane advice to tame impulsive emotions. She looks at the bigger picture before making decisions. Also, she remains a devoted wife to her visually-impaired husband, Kenneth.

Why she’s the best: She is someone you can always rely on! Whether you need someone to patiently listen to your woes or when you need a safe hiding place.

2. Kenneth, played by James Blanco
Just like his wife, Krizzy, Kenneth remains calm and collected even in times of crisis. He's the only person that can calm Popoy down during his emotional outbursts. The fact that he's not aware that he's funny makes him even more lovable!

Why he's the best: The boys need someone who uses his mind and heart in terms of decisions. In short: a resident good boy.

3. Anj, played by Beatrice Saw
This lady is the opposite of Krizzy. Her character is more realistic and pessimistic, as she always sees the negative of things.

Why she’s the best: We all need that one friend who can say what we need to hear, and not what we want to hear. Her tough love advice will wake us up.

4. JP, played by Ahron Villena
While he may not be the character who produced the most impact, he can be a great listener. Plus, he has the ability to bring new girls into your squad because he changes his girlfriends like clothes.

Why he's the best: Having a player in the group can help you weed out potential heartbreakers that come into your life.

5. Chino, played by Janus del Prado
Not counting his infamous "Take me, Lord!" shampoo-ingesting episode in One More Chance, the dude is insanely funny. He’s the jester of the squad, and knows how to lighten up any heavy drama situation. He can be tactless, but he knows when to slide back and regain respect of the issue, in a hilarious manner, of course. His witty lines always hit the spot, and man, Chino deserves his own spin-off!

Why he’s the best: Adulthood is damn serious, so every group must have someone who has a great sense of humor to remind everyone to have fun once in a while.

PHOTO: Instagram @dimplesromana

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