They say that there’s no place like home. It brings to mind comforting things, like the smell of your mom’s freshly cooked adobo or even just the thought of having the entire family together under one roof. Home is where you can most be yourself, without fear of anyone judging you. And more often than not, home is one of the few places you aren't nervous about being alone in.

What are the things you do when you find yourself alone at home? Are you the kind of person who finds her creative muse in calm surroundings and who would indulge in all sorts of art? Would you rather set your mind free by reading a well-written novel, letting your imagination run wild in the quiet atmosphere? Or maybe you’re the kind of girl who would rather use this peaceful time to reconnect with friends, whether they are human (via phone or e-mail) or not (like your beloved pet). Perhaps you prefer to catch some Zs while there isn't anyone to interrupt your snoozefest.

Female Network wants to know:


What do you do when you're home alone?

Share your answers with us in a comment below!

(Photo by Bárbara Pellizzon via Flickr Creative Commons)

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