Traveling alone may be an adventure, but traveling with another person can be doubly crazy. Planning an itinerary for two is more complicated than it seems because since you can’t go “majority wins,” there’s a high possibility that one won’t always end up liking what the other wants.


Hosts of the Discovery series Worst Vacation Ever Troy and KC Montero are as well-traveled as they come, and having numerous (mis)adventures under their belt, they share a few tips on how to survive traveling in twos.

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Familiarity is important.

Troy often travels with his partner, Aubrey Miles, which means that they already know how to deal with new places and experiences together. When asked for his best tips in terms of traveling with a partner, “I guess it helps if you know the person really well,” he shares. “Like with [us]I know... her strong points and some things she's not that good at. So I'll always [tell] her like, make sure you have this, make sure you have that. And then she does it back to me as well.”

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“Knowing how to work with each other—like I'm the navigator, and then she picks the restaurants, stuff like that. I think for me it helps... each is contributing to your vacation.”


Research, research, research.

If you want to lessen friction with your traveling companion, research about your destination! Not only does it reduce the stress of finding places you’ve never been to before, it also saves you lots of time.

When traveling with his brother, Troy knows his role and takes the lead, but makes sure that they make decisions together. “He [KC] knows that I'm into planning and stuff like that, but I'll ask him, like, ‘What do you want to do? Where do you want to eat?’  Because even though he'll say, 'Anything's good,' or 'I'll eat anywhere,' I'm like, ‘No, really, where do you want to go?’ 

KC also stresses the importance of using information and reviews available online. “Do a little research, like, ‘Hey, I know this place, it might be good.’ Even though it's the first time you've been there... And then you just hope that whatever's online is current and that it's not under renovation or anything when you get there.”


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Feed your significant other.

If you’re traveling with your significant other, KC advises that it’s best to always keep him or her fed. “I would always make sure that she eats first, because if you're looking for a restaurant when you're hungry and you're not familiar with the area… You tend to lose your patience...” He wryly says that it’s based on experience.

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“If you sense that somebody's hungry, you [take on] the role of finding food so that you're not the one to [get] blamed when they're not eating… Just never keep a girl hungry,” he says with a laugh.

In case of emergency, remain diplomatic.

It’s easy to panic when things don’t go your way, so much so that you begin to blame your companion for the situation you are in. Obviously, this won’t help, so instead of wasting energy on getting mad, try to stay calm and work with your partner.


KC says: “Remain diplomatic… Remain calm in any situation. That’s just my rule for myself in life. Try to understand who you’re talking to because… That’s the way that that person is. Who are you to change that person’s way of thinking, that person’s method, and how they talk to you, or how they do their work or how they eat their food?

“People are different than you, and if you can kind of understand where they’re coming from, then you would also have a better handle on the whole situation.”

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