There won’t be a red carpet rolling out of the hostel you’ll be staying and your back will be sore from lugging out a backpack but there’s comfort (pun intended) in knowing that the journey is just as much as an adventure as the destination. Heed these foolproof ways in making the most out of your trip.

1. Plan your itinerary.
Go for public transportation when going out and about in the Philippines. Just remember to take note of the time the bus, ferry or plane schedule so you work your way backwards.

2. Research on the mode of transportation.
On far-flung places, transportation can get a little creative. Next thing you know, you’ll be hanging on for dear life in a habal-habal en route to a mountain. Or doing a top-load in a winding road somewhere up north.

3. Opt for homestays.
Forego the luxe trappings when you do your search for accommodations. As long as the places is well kept, and clean, there’s no need to throw a hissy fit if there isn’t a butler to cater to you’re every whim.

4. Shop at the public market.
The best place to have a feel of the location is the public market. Watch the locals in action, have yourself the freshest catch or the sweetest produce, and of course, the delicacies that you can definitely take home.

5. Involve the locals.
Go for a local guide who knows the way like the back of his hand especially when navigating an uncharted territory on your end.

6. Act accordingly.
Whether you’re volunteering or just having a merry time somewhere. Always remember to act and dress accordingly in respect to the residents of the place. Be polite and act in good faith all the time. Choose comfortable clothes that are suitable for the weather, and learn beforehand the do’s and don’ts of attire in a given place.

7. Make new friends.
Now is not the time to be a cliquish snob. After all, you’re all seeking a great perhaps and keeping it light will make for good stories in the bonfire later. Friendship starts with a smile and sharing the trail mix!

8. Change your mind-set.
Adopt a gung-ho attitude when it comes to traveling. It’s a given that you’ll be out of your comfort zone and there will be parts that will even bring discomfort but if you actively focus on the positive, you’ll anticipate more the journey

9. Savor the moment.
With all the sights and sounds, you will want to whip out the camera to capture the moment and all. Practice restraint and marvel instead with what’s in front of you and not what filter you’ll use when you post the same scene on Instagram.

10. Pack light.
Don’t make the mistake of lugging around a humongous bag filled with unnecessary baggage. Better to stick to one backpack with all the essentials. This practice of living with less can carry on when you’re back to your normal schedule.


PHOTO: Pixabay; GIFs: Giphy

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