Sydney is a multicultural metropolis filled with fascinating people with an even more interesting history. British explorers frequently visited Australia in the 17th century and soon established their first settlement by the harbor in 1778.

The area is said to have been named after the minister responsible for the colony, Thomas Townshend, Lord Sydney. What we know as Sydney today was originally a place where British convicts were sent to serve out their sentences. Years after the transportation of convicts was banned, an influx of people from all parts of the globe rushed to the continent, hoping to strike it rich during the 1851 gold rush.

Whether you take a trip to Sydney for its architectural wonders or its natural marvels, you’ll be pleasantly impressed. There are just so many things you can do as soon as the sun rises and long after the sun has set. The city’s warm atmosphere, beautiful people, and magnificent locations might tempt you to extend your vacation—or even stay there forever!

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(First published in Marie Claire Magazine, Lifestyle section as "Soaking up Sudney"; photos by Mimi Tiu unless otherwise noted; adapted for use in Female Network)
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