The rainy season has a way of bringing out the senti side in everyone. Let’s be honest here--we’ve all ruminated on our lost loves and other what-could-have-beens while staring out the window or walking outside during a rainy day.

Still, despite our predisposition to be all emo when the sky’s crying, wouldn’t you agree that it will be infinitely better to be chipper during a downpour? Yes, the weather may be gloomy, but the songs on your music player shouldn’t drag your mood down, too! This playlist we’ve compiled will surely get you happy and dancing in no time, stormy skies be damned. Check out our picks below!

1. “ULAN” by Rivermaya

A rainy day playlist wouldn’t be complete without this classic OPM hit. This song has captured our tendency to reminisce during a drizzle, but makes do without the heavy feelings. Besides, it’s impossible to stay moody while listening to lyrics like “sinong ‘di mapapasayaw sa ulan!

2. “POMPEII” by Bastille

Are the grey skies getting to you? Beat the doldrums by taking to heart this song’s lyrics: just close your eyes to escape to your very own perpetually sunny paradise.

3. “MAGIC” by B.O.B.

No one likes getting out of bed during rainy days. Make this your anthem for days when you find it extra hard to start your day—it’s guaranteed to give you a much-needed energy kick, minus the caffeine.

4. “I LOVE IT” by Icona Pop

The rain shouldn’t keep you from making the most out of your day! Have this on full blast as you go about your daily routine to keep your energy level up.

5. “GUN” by Chvrches

We love how Chvrches vocalist Lauren Mayberry’s delicate vocals contrast perfectly with the song’s tough lyrics. It's a great song to start your day with, no matter the weather.

6. “TIGHTROPE” by Janelle Monae

Navigating the streets during the rainy season can be tricky. Tune into this catchy riff to add a little swing to your step as you skip and hop over the puddles on the pavement.

7. “SMILE” by Uncle Kracker

Rainy days are practically made for spending time with your special someone, with the drop in temperature making us yearn for a little human-induced warmth. This upbeat love song’s the perfect accompaniment during a drizzly date night or an at-home cuddle session with your man.

8. “LEVELS” by Avicii

Don’t let the rain ruin a fun night with your gal pals! Avicii hit’s catchy beat and infectious melody will have you partying up a storm (see what we did there?) right at home.

9. “WOULD YOU BE HAPPIER” by The Corrs

It’s amazing how a short downpour can ruin an otherwise good day: you get drenched, you get stranded, and traffic’s a total pain to deal with. Save this feel-good song for days like this, and you’ll find your mood going up in no time flat!

10. “CHEERS (DRINK TO THAT)” by Walk off the Earth

Walk Off the Earth gives a unique spin to the Rihanna original. Indeed, “life’s too short to be sitting ‘round miserable.” Take these words to heart, and warm up on a rainy night with a drink or two at your favorite bar.

11. “FEEL THIS MOMENT” by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera

It’s not as easy to have fun on drizzly days, but it’s not impossible, either! Take your cue from Pitbull and Christina and seize the day.

12. “HARLEM” by New Politics

Commuting to work can be a extra difficult when it’s raining. Make this perky anthem your go-to tune when you’re pounding the streets during a stormy day to lift your spirits.

13. “POCKETFUL OF SUNSHINE” by Natasha Bedingfield

Don’t let the rain pull your mood down! Keep your head up, take a moment to retreat into your inner happy place, and give this sunshine-y song a spin.

14. “NOW” by Paramore

Did a sudden storm ruin all your plans? Embrace this chance to regroup—there’s a good reason why your day didn’t go as planned—and blast this song while you’re rearranging your schedule.

15. “CLOSER” by Tegan and Sara

We can’t help if you would rather be in a mushy, romantic mood during a rainy spell than be all happy and party-ready. This Tegan and Sara track strikes a compromise—sweet but not too saccharine, with a beat that can get everyone in room dancing, rain or shine.

(Photo by AngelsWings via Flickr Creative Commons)

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