The handsome leading man, the simple but feisty leading lady, the complicated stories, the insane plot twists, the super kilig moments, and the cliffhangers that make you want to scream—all these elements make a great teleserye. Don't worry, we won't judge you for wanting to get your daily fix of these shows because we're totally obsessed with them, too!

1. You rush home from work and eat dinner at lightning speed, so you can concentrate on watching your favorite primetime soaps.

2. When someone starts talking while your show is on, you quickly shush them. You only resume the conversation once the commercial break is on. 

3. You go online to watch episodes you missed—or rewatch those kilig scenes! 

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4. You totally ship #KathNiel, #JaDine, and/or #LizQuen. #RelationshipGoals


5. You grab a copy of all the fan magazines and collectible items that feature your favorite teleserye stars.

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*Minor edits have been made by the editors. 

PHOTO: On The Wings of Love/ABS-CBN; GIFS: Giphy, Tumblr @aayangela, @jalovedine

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