There are numerous benefits to traveling solo, such as learning how to be more independent and getting to know fellow travelers from around the world. It's highly advisable for women to go through this liberating experience at least once, and if you haven't yet, better try it before doing something as life-changing as committing to someone for all of eternity. Below are some of the reasons why embarking on an adventure alone is necessary and sure to be fulfilling:

1. You get to re-evaluate your relationship.
In this case, it's not the destination that matters. Traveling alone allows for some distance so you can objectively look at your life choices, including your decision to marry. Of course you deserve to celebrate an engagement, but it's the mature thing to do to eventually take a step back and also consider all the factors without a romantic lens. A marriage is a partnership, and you can't control a partner. Determine if you're on the same page and if you want to, make a Pro-Con list!

2. You can look back on your personal journey.
Your fiance isn't the only person you should be assessing. Think of your own history, like your career, your lifestyle choices, the people you surround yourself with, those you've let go, and the ones you still see in your future. Some time alone will also give you moments to think of how far you've gone as a person, and to feel if you're really ready to tie the knot.

3. It's the last time you'll ever be truly alone and this experience will just be yours.
Just because you're getting married doesn't mean that you'll never be able to travel alone again, but things change after marriage, and this is something you should do for yourself. Marriage means you'll have a partner for life. So enjoy your last moments of being truly single, and then start to let go.

4. You need to say goodbye to your single life with a bang.
Sure, you can easily have a fun bachelorette and party the night away with your best friends, but is that enough? End your single girl adventures with a different kind of thrill. Try something new, like go cliff-diving or experience backpacking culture. Talk to strangers, old and young, and collect all the learnings to be an even better version of yourself. Don't settle for a party when you can end with an experience.

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