There is a new study showing the countries with the least and the most expensive passports in the world. The Philippines ranked among those with the most affordable passports, with its regular application costing around P1,000 or roughly $20. It is ranked 11 in terms of the countries with the most affordable passports in the world. 


According to data pulled by the CashNetUSA study, the average Filipino needs to work 12 hours to be able to afford a passport that will grant you access to 66 countries. 

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On the other hand, Lebanon has the world's most expensive passport, costing roughly $331 (around P15,000) for access to only 40 countries-making it one of the least powerful passports in the world. 

But some expensive passports like in Antigua and Barbuda ($300) and Lichtenstein ($284) are also among the world's most powerful. Antigua and Barbuda's passport has access to 151 countries, while Liechtenstein's has access to 178. 

Below are partial lists of the countries with the least and the most expensive passports in the world

The Countries With the Most Affordable Passports

1| Armenia: $2 (access to 63 countries)

2| Kyrgyz Republic: $6 (access to 63 countries)

3| Egypt, Tanzania, Vietnam: $9 (access to 50, 71, and 54 countries respectively)


4| Tajikistan: $10 (access to 58 countries)

5| Mongolia, Swaziland: $12 (access to 62 and 74 countries respectively)

6| Namibia: $13 (access to 77 countries)

7| Bhutan, UAE: $14 (access to 53 and 170 countries respectively)

8| Ghana: $17 (access to 65 countries)

9| Argentina, China, Mauritius, Myanmar: $18 (access to 170, 75, 148, and 47 countries respectively)

10| Gambia, Sri Lanka: $19 (access to 68 and 42 countries respectively)

11| India, Kuwait, Philippines: $20 (access to 58, 96, and 66 countries respectively)

Top Countries With the Most Expensive Passports in the World

1| Lebanon: $331 (access to 40 countries)

2| Antigua and Barbuda: $300 (access to 151 countries)

3| Liechtenstein: $283 (access to 178 countries)

4| Australia: $226 (access to 184 countries)

5| Moldova: $214 (access to 120 countries)

6| Samoa: $190 (access to 131 countries)

7| Congo: $185 (access to 42 countries)

8| Chad: $159 (access to 53 countries)


9| Japan: $155 (access to 191 countries)

10| Turkey: $151 (access to 111 countries)

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