A lot of us love sushi, and while we’ve already tasted so many versions of it, this is probably one that you have yet to indulge in – Kit Kat Sushi.

If you’re heading to Tokyo this week, you may want to drop by the “first street-facing Kit Kat specialty shop” opening today, February 2 at the Ginza district. Kit Kat Sushi will be sold to mark this special occasion, and are inspired by three common sushi “flavors.”

Maguro (tuna) has raspberry Kit Kat.

Tamago (egg) has pumpkin-pudding Kit Kat.

Uni (sea urchin) has Kit Kat in both Hokkaido melon and mascarpone cheese.

The wafer sticks all sit on top of white chocolate-dipped rice crisps. Not bad at all for something that started out as an April Fool’s joke, huh?


Kit Kat Sushi will only be available until February 14. The KitKat Chocolatory Ginza is located at 3-7-2 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.

Sources: CNN, KotakuMashable

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