Just when you thought the cold war was over, it seems that there are still Russian spies in our midst. Straight out of an ‘80s film, a beautiful Russian girl named Anna Chapman was discovered to be in the spy business, and though she and her nine other friends were never accused of espionage per se, they were deported and welcomed back by a former KGB officer, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. And as it turns out, it's a pretty bad episode from the spy genre—they had the fantastic training (montage anyone?), the smooth manners, and that star quality that makes them deadly (hello, glamorous Facebook photos and movie deals!)—but there were no secrets to be had. You would think a story like that would sell itself!

But, really, who can resist a good spy story? After all, aren’t we rushing to see Salt this weekend, which opened Wednesday, July 28, in theaters all around the country? Now there’s a movie guaranteed to give us that edge of danger and patriotism that all great spy flicks have (not to mention action-packed scenes full of the always kickass Angelina Jolie).

After all, you know how they say an air of mystery is like an aphrodisiac! Add to that the spice of actual danger and the gentle whiff of a sense of duty, and you've got the perfect killer combination for sexy. Now let that splash into the big (or small) screen, and you've got your hottest TV/movie spies! Here are 25 better spies that have long captured our hearts because well, what else? They move in mysterious ways, and actually get the job done.

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