More and more countries are giving Filipino travelers the visa-free treatment. Sometimes, however, you still really want to see what other places have to offerbut before you make your way to these destinations, you have to think about visas and the fees you have to pay when you apply.


To make your decision making easier, we've rounded up the different basic visa fees of the world's most popular tourist destinations. These are, of course, the fees for single travelers and the shortest stays. Here's how much visa fees cost in different countries for Filipino tourists.

1. Australia

Price: P5,700 + P659 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

2. Austria

Price: P3,498 + P1,749 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

3. Belgium

Price: P3,660 + P1,260 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

4. Canada

Price: CAD $100 (P3,910.85) + CAD $85 (P3,324.22) (Biometrics)

5. China

Price: P1,400 (Single Entry)

6. Czech Republic

Price: P3,450 + P700 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

7. Denmark


Price: P3,745 + P585 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

8. Finland

Price: P3,600 + P1,670 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

9. France

Price: €60 (P3,395.82)

10. Germany

Price: P3,480 + P960 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

11. Greece

Price: P3,420

12. Hungary

Price: P3,601 + P100 (BDO Bank Transfer Fee)

13. Iceland

Price: €60 (P3,395.82) + P1,535 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

14. Ireland

Price: €60 (P3,395.82)

15. Italy

Price: 27 (P1,528.12)

16. Japan

Price: P1,450 (Single Entry)

17. South Korea

Price: P500-P2,000 (Travel Agency Fees)


18. Luxembourg

Price: P3,660 + P1,260 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

20. Netherlands

Price: P3,420 + P901 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

21. New Zealand

Price: P7,250 + P825 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

22. Norway

Price: €60 (P3,395.82) + P1,535 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

23. Poland

Price: P3,420 + P901 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

24. South Africa

Price: P0 (Less 30 Days) + P2,000 (VFS Global Logistic Service Charge)

25. Spain

Price: P3,590 + P930 (BLS International Service Charge)

26. Sweden

Price: P6,490

27. Switzerland

Price: P3,700


28. United Arab Emirates

Price: P590 to P11,980 (Fees Vary for Duration of Stay)

29. United Kingdom

Price: £95 (P6,066.46)

30. United States

Price: P8,640 to P14,310

Prices are based on the conversion rate of 1 = P56.60.

Prices are based on the conversion rate of C$1 = P39.10.

Prices are based on the conversion rate of £1 = P63.86.

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