For us girls, there is no better movie to watch with your best friend than a movie about best friends.

The kinds of friendship women make are never one-dimensional—and, thus, never boring. A million things are factored in when it comes to choosing our best friends, to forging best friendships, and it takes a lot of work, understanding, and mutual appreciation and respect, plus some cosmic blessings from the gods, for these bonds to last and flourish. That’s why, when we find the BFF whose world just jives with our own, we should forever be grateful for them.

Of course, there will be clashes. Even when two friends are remarkably alike, they’re still individuals and are bound to hit a few rough spots over the years. What matters is that, through thick and thin, one thing remains constant: there is no other person you’d rather have as your best friend.

September is International Women’s Friendship Month, and in celebration of the friendships you forge in feuds or festivities, we’ve decided to pay tribute to some of the ultimate on-screen BFFs. This is a movie list for you and your best friend to cry and laugh over—and to remember anew that, whatever happens, friendship and all that comes with it is always worth it.

Want to see more movie slide shows? Check out some of the ones below:

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