Model-photographer Sara Black is an icon in the industry. An inspiration for aspiring Pinay photographers, she has made her mark as a talented artist in a craft dominated by her male peers. Her photos are simply captivating, as candid smiles and unforgettable moments do not go unnoticed when she's behind the lens.

Her provocative works are now showcased in her latest book entitled, We Love, which is composed of photographs of different people from all walks life, all bound by the one thing that makes the world go round--love.

"I just kept looking back at what drives me and what inspires me in my daily life. Sometimes it sounds simplistic and cheesy, but it's really love, it's just really the most powerful force in our lives. At the end of the day, that's what makes everything make sense," Sara shares.

Sara adds that she has been continually inspired by the selfless lives of countless people whom she have met throughout her nearly decade-long career, and she wanted to translate their stories and capture those on camera.

"All the stories were intensely personal, that I can't pinpoint and say that one is better than the other," she shares. "I connected with all the subjects in a really intimate way, and I'm just so honored that people were really honest with me. In this day and age, people don't tell you their life stories during the first five minutes that you met, so it was so amazing. For example, I photographed Jericho Rosales and his grandfather, and the grandfather was like tearing during the shoot. I mean, where do you meet a man who's unafraid to show emotions? And then there's also this OFW whom I photographed in Hong Kong and she told me her whole life in the first 10 minutes that I met her... all the stories were really personal."

Scroll through the gallery below to find out more about the creative process that went behind the production of Sara's latest work!

We, Love is available at all Fully Booked branches. You may also purchase it online through the Central Books website.

(We, Love book cover photos courtesy of Sara Black; all watermarked photos by Jennifer Chan)

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